SECHSKIES’s Lee Jae Jin Reveals One Thing He Does Not Share With His Members

SECHSKIES’s Lee Jae Jin revealed his uncommon way of protecting his own privacy.

On May 10, the active SECHSKIES members appeared on “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” as guests.

As they went on with the show, DJ Kim Shin Young said to Lee Jae Jin, “I heard you don’t share your phone number with the members because they might bother you.”

The singer confirmed the fact and added, “Only my agency’s CEO and my manager know my number. It’s because I want to protect my privacy.”

When asked if they feel upset because of this, the other members said, “We’re not even curious about Lee Jae Jin’s number. We communicate in a group chat room [through a messaging app].”

What do you think about Lee Jae Jin’s strategy for privacy?

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