Moon Hee Jun Talks About What Kind Of Dad He Wants To Be

To-be-father Moon Hee Jun shared his thoughts on his future as a parent.

On the May 10 broadcast of Channel A’s “Dad’s Real Color” (working title), the MCs and some of the guests talked about times that they were touched as a father.

Actor Lee Joon Hyuk said, “Once, when my child was young, I hugged my son and patted him. But then, he patted me back. I can’t forget that moment.”

Kim Gura commented, “I think Moon Hee Jun will become a dad like Lee Joon Hyuk.”

Moon Hee Jun replied, “That would be great. It would be good to be a dad like Lee Joon Hyuk, or a dad that’s like a friend like Lee Han Wi, or a dad that always makes an effort like Lee Yoon Seok.”

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Moon Hee Joon and his wife Soyul are expecting a child this week.

What kind of dad do you think Moon Hee Joon will be?

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