Watch: MONSTA X’s Shownu Attempts To Demonstrate Just How Strong He Is

MONSTA X’s Shownu probably didn’t expect he would have to do this on a beauty program!

The idol appeared on the May 10 broadcast of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty,” where he shyly admitted to his immense strength.

After learning about this fact as well as his nickname “Show-thighs,” the curious hosts wanted to see for themselves just how strong the MONSTA X member was.

When gugudan’s Kim Sejeong and actress Lee Se Young carefully suggested that Shownu should try to carry them using just his upper arms, the idol hesitantly, but still confidently, agreed. At first, the idol kept questioning if it would be possible, but plowed on and tried his best to carry the two lovely ladies.

Keep on watching to see if Shownu managed to conquer this impromptu challenge!