Moon Hee Jun Reacts To The Negativity Surrounding His Wife’s Pregnancy

Moon Hee Jun opened up about the negative responses to his wife Soyul’s recent pregnancy news.

During the May 11 broadcast of his radio show “Moon Hee Jun and Jung Jae Hyung’s Enjoyable Life,” Moon Hee Jun responded to the criticism for the first time.

“It’s a relief that the baby inside my wife’s belly isn’t aware of my heavy heart these days. I feel a bit wronged because we had neither affirmed nor denied the [pre-marital pregnancy] reports,” he explained.

“I’m not even a top star like I was 10 years ago, but people have been giving us so much attention. I try not to read any news articles but our acquaintances keep expressing concern for us so I naturally find out about all the negativity,” he added.

He also mentioned how worried he was for his wife Soyul, saying, “I’m used to not reading articles, but my pregnant wife keeps reading them.” He then asked the listeners to believe in him and his wife.

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