DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Talks About Drinking Alone And Her Alcohol Tolerance Level

On the May 11 broadcast of FashionN’s “Follow Me 8,” DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon, who has just turned 21 years old according to Korean age, appeared as a guest.

During the show, they talked about items that made one an adult. The idol confessed, “I really wanted to drink when I became an adult.” She then took out a bottle of fruity alcohol made with cherry blossoms to share with the rest of the cast.

She said, “The rest of the DIA members don’t like drinking, so I tend to drink by myself.” When asked how much she can drink, she said, “Just one bottle [of soju].” As soju is hard liquor, everyone was shocked to hear that she could drink so much.

Jung Chaeyeon also shared that she had gone on a show on which she did a truthful interview while drinking. After the recording, the staff had come and told her that she had drank a surprising amount of soju. That was the first time that the idol realized that she had high tolerance for alcohol.

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