SISTAR’s Soyou Makes Generous Donation To Support Community Members In Need

SISTAR’s Soyou recently made a generous donation to the Korean Red Cross.

On May 11, it was reported that Soyou donated 10 million won (approximately $8,869) to the Korean Red Cross to support disenfranchised and underprivileged members of the community.

Soyou has been a major sponsor of Korean Red Cross’s Seoul branch since 2015. She has consistently donated to support hungry children, youth who are the head of their households, the elderly, multicultural families, and other marginalized members of society.

The SISTAR members have continuously given back to the community since their debut. They have made donations and been involved in a variety of campaigns for causes such as aiding the poor, starving children, and abandoned animals. Last year, the members banded together to donate their proceeds from the K-pop Hallyu Festival to purchase sanitary napkins for women in financial need.

It’s wonderful to hear about the good deeds Soyou consistently engages in, even if she does not always receive attention for it. Hopefully she will inspire others to give back as well!

Meanwhile, SISTAR announced that they will comeback on May 31 in time for the summer season.

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