T-ara’s Agency Releases Statement About Soyeon And Boram’s Worrisome Independent Actions

Earlier, it was reported that T-ara members Soyeon and Boram’s individual actions are having a negative impact on T-ara’s agency and the group as a whole.

Since then, a source from T-ara’s agency, MBK Entertainment, has stated, “We told Soyeon and Boram what time we would be picking them up in order to go to the airport for the group’s concert in Taiwan and they responded that they would get there on their own.”

The source continued, “We checked with the airline and the two members apparently cancelled their tickets themselves. We are concerned, as the two are acting on their own accord, despite the fact that this is all for a concert they have to do with the rest of the group. The other members are worried that the two members might come off as insincere because they haven’t really been practicing for the concert. We also haven’t been able to film videos [meant for the concert] because of Soyeon and Boram.”

There have also been questions about what would happen if Soyeon and Boram did not show up to the concert at all, to which the source responded, “If asked for damage compensation [in the case that the two member do not show up], we would have to ask the two members to take responsibility for that.”

“[Soyeon and Boram] are also not responding to contact from their fellow members either, which is causing them to worry a lot. It will be a relief if the two members show up to the concert venue but their actions are irresponsible and careless.”

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