Young Idol Group Bonus Baby Gets Caught Up In Lolita Controversy For Stage Outfits

The young-aged idol group Bonus Baby is swept up in a controversy due to their stage outfits.

On May 12, Bonus Baby performed their new song “If I Become An Adult” on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

Immediately after their performance, the viewers sent in complaints about feeling uncomfortable seeing the members’ outfits. On this day, the members wore a white blouse with bibs and pink skirts.

There were opposing views about this issue, but some netizens claimed that the bibs make it seem like the members are promoting a lolita concept. Others justified these outfits, saying that the bibs match with the theme of their song “If I Become An Adult.”

Check out their outfits in the performance video of “If I Become An Adult” below.

What are your thoughts about this controversy?

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