DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Shares How A Popular Korean Dish Gives Her A Horrible Rash

Jung Chaeyeon recently shared that she has stopped eating some of her favorite foods due to an inherited allergy!

On May 11, the singer starred alongside fellow DIA members Yebin and Jooeun in a special broadcast of the Naver V Live series “Eating Show.” In the episode, the girls talked to viewers while eating some grilled kalbi.

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During the broadcast, Jung Chaeyeon began to talk about food that she won’t eat, revealing, “I really love gamjatang (a spicy pork back-bone stew). However, ever since last year, I haven’t been able to eat it. My mom is like that too, so it’s hereditary. Sesame leaf powder is also delicious, but if I eat it, I get a rash all over my body.”

She then sadly added that while she was originally able to eat these foods, it seems as if she’s changed.

Yebin then recalled a time when Chaeyeon ate a bowl of gamjatang to the very last drop and then suddenly began scratching her body. “A rash broke out all over,” she recalled.

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