Crayon Pop’s Future Seems Unclear As Their Agency Releases Group’s Last Schedule

Crayon Pop’s last official schedule has been released.

However, their agency Chrome Entertainment has been careful to make statements regarding a possible disbandment. According to a report, Crayon Pop will be attending the 17th Golden Feather Awards, which takes place in Taiwan on May 27. Except for Soyul, members Geummi, Ellin, Choa, and Way will be performing on stage during the award ceremony.

On May 13, in regards to this schedule, a source from their agency stated, “As of right now, the Golden Feather Awards is Crayon Pop’s last official schedule.” However, the source was hesitant to talk about the topic of disbandment, saying, “There is nothing we can say in regards to a disbandment. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Meanwhile, Soyul and her husband Moon Hee Jun recently welcomed the birth of their first child.

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