Super Junior’s Yesung Gets Emotional Talking About Ryeowook And Kyuhyun At His Solo Concert

Super Junior’s Yesung has a big heart, and it led him to get a little weepy during his solo concert on May 13.

During the event, Yesung performed Ryeowook’s solo track “The Little Prince,” his and Kyuhyun’s duet track “At the Time,” and Super Junior’s “Dorothy.” He teared up as he said, “‘Dorothy’ is a track I recorded right before enlisting in the military. Singing these songs is filling my head with so many thoughts.”

Yesung wiped tears away and added, “I decided to to pick Ryeowook’s song because he’s in the army right now and he probably misses you all. I sang it because I miss him too. Although we’ll probably be able to see Kyuhyun often because he’s going to be a public servant when he enlists, he won’t be singing in front of you for two years. So I chose these songs for those two because I care so much about them.”

He smiled and explained why he was crying, saying, “While I was singing, the people I’m grateful for appeared in front of my eyes. I was taken back to the memories of being in the army, and I thought about how grateful I am to you all.”

Yesung lightened up the mood as he joked about Kyuhyun’s upcoming enlistment. He said that he knows Kyuhyun will be okay and comfortable as a public servant because he himself was a public servant as well. Yesung wished his fellow member well as he added, “When I was serving in the military, I may have been feeling comfortable physically, but I remember a heavy weight in my heart because I couldn’t perform. Kyuhyun will probably feel that too.”

Kyuhyun will be enlisting on May 25 while Ryeowook enlisted in October 2016.

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