Watch: SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Looks For A Way Out Of The Loop He’s Stuck In For New Teaser Video

Updated May 15 5 p.m. KST:

SEVENTEEN released the final individual member trailer for their comeback, this time featuring the group’s leader S.Coups.

In the teaser, S.Coups can be seen running seemingly in circles, as he searches for a way out of the endless loop he’s stuck on. Towards the end of the video, S.Coups looks directly at the camera before it cuts to black.

While in other members’ trailers, the quote at the bottom stayed the same for the black and white portion of the teaser, in which another member makes a cameo appearance, in S.Coup’s teaser, the phrase changes. Initially, the phrase says, “I was afraid and anxious since I was all alone,” but changes to, “Nevertheless we met on thirteen different paths and eventually,” heightening curiosity amongst fans.

Furthermore, S.Coup’s prime number was fittingly the number 17, which, when entered into the accompanying web page, produced an individual teaser photo of the member.

Once the video goes to black, the phrase, “A complete bond has formed leading us to our brightest moment,” flashes on screen.

Updated May 15 12 a.m. KST:

SEVENTEEN has released the next trailer for their comeback, this time featuring member Joshua!

Things once again have an overall melancholy feel as Joshua stares at a running faucet of water, and appears to be thinking back to someone, or two people, only shown by silhouette. He looks like he tries to shake himself out of the trance, as he washes his face and proceeds to walk out.

At the very end, a faraway shot of Mingyu is shown, as per many fans predictions.

Updated May 14 5:15 p.m. KST:

Not long after Seungkwan’s, The8’s trailer has been revealed.

The8 enters his house at the seaside after going out for groceries and finds a note on the table. The note seems to have caused him emotional distress, and his groceries fall over on the floor. His prime number (to be inputted into a website to give his teaser photo) is indicated on a ball that falls out of the bag. The8 then rests his head on the table, appearing to be sleeping, when DK walks over and picks up the note.

Updated May 14 1 p.m. KST:

Seungkwan’s trailer is next up!

Seungkwan can be seen at a laundromat, spinning a coin and holding it in his hand. He then puts a handful of coins on a washing machine, and the coin in the middle indicates his prime number (to be inputted into a website to give his teaser photo). The coins are later picked up by Dino, who makes a special appearance.

Check out the trailer below:

Updated May 14 midnight KST: 

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi is the latest member to feature in his individual teaser trailer.

In his video, Hoshi receives a phone call but puts the receiver down almost right away. He then dials an unknown number, which also features as the hint for his prime number (to be inputted into a website to give his teaser photo).

However, it is hinted that Hoshi might not be alone like most of the other members as we see a door in his room mysteriously open on its own. At the end of his teaser video, Jun makes an appearance heading into what appears to be a cellar.


SEVENTEEN has been building hype for their epic 2017 project, titled “Chapter 1: Alone” by releasing mysterious cinematic teasers for each individual member. 

On May 13 at 5 p.m. KST, they continued the trend by dropping Wonwoo’s teaser.

Like the others, Wonwoo is alone in an empty house as he idles away the day by watching TV or enjoying the spring breeze. Hints as to his number, which can be inputted into a website to reveal his teaser photo, appear on the television.

Also making a brief cameo on the TV is member Vernon in his own teaser trailer released a few days earlier.

Check out Wonwoo’s teaser below!

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