MONSTA X Writes Loving Messages To Their Fans For Their 2nd Debut Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been two years since MONSTA X’s debut?

On May 14, the Starship Entertainment boy group celebrated their 2nd debut anniversary by handwriting messages to their fans, known as Monbebes.

Shownu wrote, “To Monbebes. It’s already been two years. The past two years have been very eventful and happy. These overflowing moments seem to pass by like a kaleidoscope. Let’s keep going… You know?”

Wonho wrote, “It’s our beautiful 2nd anniversary. All the times we spent together were beautiful. All the roads we walked together made me happy. Going forward, I will always keep making you shine.”

Minhyuk wrote, “The 63,072,000 seconds we spent together. Those happy times, will you continue to share them with us? I like you, I love you.”

Kihyun wrote, “To Monbebes. Monbebes! MONSTA X has reached two years already! You know this is all thanks to Monbebes, right? I will work harder so that you won’t leave us. Goodbye, Monbebe! Thank you!”

Hyungwon wrote, “To Monbebes. Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary! I hope the times you’ve endured have been valuable ones. Let’s keep going until we reach our 20th anniversary.”

Jooheon wrote, “To Monbebes. We’re already at two years… Wow… Amazing. I, ‘Lee Jooheon,’ will work even harder! Congratulations on our 2nd anniversary.”

I.M wrote, “To my loving Monbebes. Starting May 14, 2015, suddenly it’s become 2 years… During the times when we’ve laughed and cried together, flowers have bloomed and the world has turned twice. The times we’ve spent together, I like no matter what we do, so let’s keep going for a long time. I love you.”

Congratulations to MONSTA X on their 2nd debut anniversary!