HyunA Talks About Unit Group Triple H Sharing Its Name With WWE Champion

Singer HyunA talked about the fact that the name of her unit group, Triple H, shares its name with a famous American pro wrestling champion.

Triple H was named as such because HyunA and the two PENTAGON members in the unit, Hui and E’Dawn, all have H in their names (E’Dawn’s real name is Hyojong). However, there is also an American pro wrestler and WWE champion named Triple H.

During a recent interview, HyunA said that she didn’t think that it would be a problem that they both had the same name. She said, “He’s so famous that I don’t think he’ll find it a problem.” She then added, “Hui and E’Dawn both told me that they were fans of the wrestler Triple H since they were young.”

She also showed how proud she was of her group by giving this shared name as an example. She said, “At the time we debuted, when you typed ‘Triple H’ into the search engine, [the wrestler] came up first. But now, we come up first.”

She added, “I think if the pro wrestler and we both work hard in our own fields, we will have a positive synergy.”

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