Namgoong Min Reveals What He Must Sacrifice Whenever He Plays A Villain

On May 14, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” aired an interview of Namgoong Min as the latest narrator for “Human Documentary Love.”

When asked for his thoughts about the experience, Namgoong Min shared that he found it difficult to make sure he enunciated all of his words well enough that the information in his narration was clearly conveyed. The follow-up question asked how he felt about the sound of his own voice. Laughing, Namgoong Min answered, “It’s not that great.”

During the interview, Namgoong Min was also asked to reflect on his career when given the question, “It’s already been 18 years since you first debuted. Looking back, is there anything in particular that has changed?” He replied, “I’m a lot less naive. To put it nicely, I’ve gained a lot of life experiences so not much surprises me anymore.”

He was also asked about his experience losing advertising contracts because of the image he gained while playing a villainous role in “Remember“. Sharing his perspective, Namgoong Min said, “I do not think an advertisement could ever be filmed with the image of [a villain]. If a villainous role comes in, I have to just give up on shooting advertisements.”

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