Actress Overcomes Her Childhood Trauma By Appearing On “King Of Masked Singer”

The identity of “Water Maid” was revealed to be an actress who was able to overcome a lifelong trauma by appearing on MBC’s “King of Masked Singer.”

The fourth battle in the first round had “Water Maid” and “White Tiger” battling it out to move on to the next round. The duo performed Kim Dong Ryul and Lee So Eun’s “Miracle,” creating a beautiful duet that wowed the audience.


The win eventually went to “White Tiger” at a score of 70 to 29.

Singing Kim Yeon Woo’s “Parting Taxi,” the person behind the “Water Maid” persona removed her mask to reveal she was actress Jung Hye Sung.

When asked why she decided to appear on the show, the actress confessed, “When I was young, I received vocal training, and even performed as a member of the Busan Metropolitan Choir and competed in original music competitions. I decided to take a break and when I returned, I didn’t even place in the first competition I participated in. It crushed my dreams and I was so hurt that I stopped singing almost entirely. Preparing for this show has helped me gain a lot of confidence.”

She concluded with, “It feels like I’ve just completed a big homework project. Thanks to this show, I’ve been able to overcome my trauma.”

The actress later took to Instagram to post a photo of herself holding her mask with the caption, “The ‘Water Maid’ was me! I had such a fun time on ‘King of Masked Singer.’ Thank you to the music director and writer who took such good care of you. Thank you to my instructor, Jae Hee, or teaching me how to learn and gain courage.”

Check out the latest episode of “King of Masked Singer” below!

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