Woollim Entertainment Announces Name For New Upcoming Idol Group

Another long-awaited idol group will finally be making their debut this year!

Woollim Entertainment previously announced they would be debuting a new boy group as well as a girl group sometime in 2017, and has revealed the name for one of this groups.

On May 15 at midnight KST, the agency posted a simple red-and-white logo that says, “Golden Child,” indicating the name of what many are suspecting will be their new boy group.

The Woollim Entertainment trainees have already made a name for themselves through their W Project, which included tracks like “There Is No One Like You,” and “Drought,” as well as performance-based videos as well.

Along with the name reveal, the agency also announced that an official fan cafe, Facebook page, and Twitter account has been opened for the group.

Are you looking forward to Golden Child?