HyunA And Rooftop Moonlight Reveal A Side Of HyunA That Not Many People Know

On the May 14 broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Secretly Greatly,” the Rooftop Moonlight members and HyunA showed just how close they were.

During the show, HyunA said, “I just got over a slump in life. I didn’t know how to get over it at first, but then I started enjoying all of this.”

She then showed that she has thought very hard about finding her happiness. She said, “I thought about the standard for ‘happiness’ suddenly while I was eating. I thought, ‘how can a person become happy?'” She continued, “I didn’t know what counted as conniving, and what counted as acceptable. That made me angry.”

Kim Yoon Joo of Rooftop Moonlight explained, “Unlike how she seems, her thoughts are very mild.” Park Se Jin added, “She’s very in touch with her emotions.”

Surprised, Yoon Jong Shin said, “She must be very different from what she seems like on stage.” Park Se Jin agreed, saying, “She’s actually very cute and nice.”

Watch this latest episode below!

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