SoDa Siblings Say Goodbye To “The Return Of Superman” In Their Last Appearance Featuring Rain

Actor Lee Beom Soo’s children So Eul and Da Eul appeared on “The Return of Superman” for the last time.

During the May 14 episode of “The Return of Superman,” Lee Bum Soo’s wife Lee Yoon Jin took So Eul and Da Eul to visit the set of Lee Bum Soo’s new movie “Uhm Bok Dong.”

The film’s lead character Rain got to spend some time with the two children. Da Eul couldn’t hide his love for Rain, asking him to come home with them.

Upon seeing So Eul, Rain expressed, “I really want a daughter like her.”

So Eul and Da Eul’s final appearance on the show concluded with a heartfelt message from their father Lee Beom Soo, saying, “Hi, So Eul and Da Eul. When we first started appearing on ‘The Return of Superman,’ I thought the two of you would be uncomfortable with filming the show. However, I’m really thankful that you two were so bright, obedient, and strong. I love you both.”

You can watch the full episode of “The Return of Superman” below.

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