Nam Tae Hyun Hints At Upcoming Music Release With His New Band

Nam Tae Hyun will be making a comeback with band South Club!

On May 15, the former WINNER member uploaded a series of photos on his Instagram and included a caption that reads, “I went to Berlin to shoot a music video. I will return to you soon with South Club.”

Back in January, Nam Tae Hyun made a public post calling for applicants for his new band, which appears to have led to the formation of South Club. It has been revealed that Nam Tae Hyun has largely participated in the composition and lyrics of South Club’s music, as well as all of the overall production.

A representative of the artist commented, “Nam Tae Hyun recently completed filming for his music video in Germany. As it is a meaningful first album for Nam Tae Hyun and his new band, he is working his hardest to show the most “Nam Tae Hyun-like” music, so please anticipate the upcoming album.”

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