Big Hit Entertainment Releases Statement On BTS’s Safety At International Schedules

Ahead of BTS’s anticipated first appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, Big Hit Entertainment has released a statement regarding safety at international schedules.

On May 15, the agency uploaded the statement in four languages, emphasizing the importance of the situation.

The post revealed that some fans were illegally attaining BTS’s flight information and using this to not only go on the same flights, but invading privacy further by sitting near them and attempting to take photos. Big Hit continued on to share that they always do their best to have high levels of security. However, they also commented, “BTS members are under great mental and physical stress due to some fans’ lack of discretion.”

The statement concluded by asking fans to refrain from using such information to invade the privacy of the artists for their safety at international schedules including the Billboard Music Awards.

Read the full statement below!