Roy Kim Talks About Which Artist’s Comeback Threw Him For A Loop

On May 16, at a press conference for his mini-album, “Blooming Season” (literal title), Roy Kim talked about how another artist’s comeback threw him for a loop as he makes his own comeback this month.

In April, Roy Kim admitted that he actually delayed his comeback because he wanted to avoid IU’s comeback, as she was too strong of a contender to compete against on music charts.

However, the singer said at the press conference, “I thought at the time that it was a good thing that I delayed my comeback, but then PSY made his comeback this month,” expressing how surprised and dumbfounded he was by the international star’s comeback.

“If I’m being honest, I do want to make it into the top ten [on music charts] but I think it will be difficult,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, Roy Kim will be dropping his comeback album at 6 p.m. tonight! Check out the music video for his pre-release, “Egoist,” here!

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