g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Shares An Adorable Update About His Newborn Daughter

god’s Park Joon Hyung announced last week that his wife had given birth to a healthy baby girl, and he’s shared another photo of her!

On May 16, the singer took to his personal Instagram account to share a set of photos that showed his daughter, swaddled and looking pretty adorable. Park Joon Hyung captioned his photos with, “It’s been six days since our princess was born. Every day, her puffiness is going away. Her eyes are getting bigger and her double eyelids are getting more prominent. Her umbilical cord fell off this morning. I’m falling more and more in love with her.”

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아이구 울꽁꽁공주가 어재밤태어난지6일째돼니깐 하루지날수록 붓끼가빠지믄서 눈을점점더크개뜨구 쌍카풀두 더찐해지내 매애앤ㅋㅋ 글구 오늘아침앤 배꼽두 떠러져쓰~하루하루가지날쑤룩 점점 꽁꽁이한태더 사랑애 빠저가다 ♡난! 빼애앰~! Each and everyday my lil Princess is growin more and more and she opens her eyes wider and wider as her puffiness goes away~! This pic was taken lastnight 6 days after birth aaand this mornin her lil leftover umbilical cord(belly button) fell off! Sooo fast! Man… Im fallin in love with her more and more each day♡~! BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #JoonPark #꽁꽁이 #우리애기 #꽁꽁공주 #MyBabyPrincess #MyLove #Family #사랑 #가족 #FamilyIsEVERYTHING #매일매일사랑애더깊희빠진다진쨔루 #하루하루더커저가믄서얼굴두점점변해가믄서인재는점점여자처럼변하구있다쌍카풀두생기구보죠개두생기구넘깃뜩하다 #첫날앤눈감구있을때만쌍카풀라인이쪽꿈씩보이더니붓끼가쪽꿈빠지믄서속쌍카풀루변하더니인재는눈을떠두슬슬보이기시작하믄서눈이더뚜렷해지기시작하내 #나중애쌍카풀수술이랑보죠개수술해달라구는안하갯내차암나돈버럿내매애앤 #근냥나중애내쌍카풀들처럼12개씩만생기지만마라라매애앤 #오늘아침애벌써배꼽두빠져서넘다행이다왜냐믄기저기가라줄때마다걸릴까봐신경쓰여서내똥꼬쓰가옴찔옴찔쓰했는대넘다행이다기뜩하다 #배꼽사진찍어서올릴라했는대그건안올릴깨매애앤왜냐믄쪽꿈징글쓰하구근냥쪽꿈오징어말른거같해서별루볼품없어서안올릴깨매애앰인재잘건조식혀서잘보관해둬야쥐 #빼애앰 #CuteBaby #BabyLove #근냥Love야매애앤 #파파쭌 #PaPaJoon #리틀쭌 #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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In his hashtags, he also added, “I’m really falling more and more in love with her every day. Every day, she’s getting bigger, her face is changing, and she’s looking more and more feminine. She has double eyelids and dimples, and I’m so proud of her. Her double eyelid lines were faint when she had her eyes closed on the first day, but once the puffiness starting going away, she had partial creases. Now, you can see them when she has her eyes open and they’re getting more prominent by the day. She won’t be asking me to let her get her eyes and dimples done in the future, so she’s saved me some money. But I hope she doesn’t get like 12 creases in her eyelids like me. I’m so glad her umbilical cord fell out this morning. Before it did, I had to be so careful that I didn’t touch it while changing her diapers, and I was clenching my butt out of nerves, and now I don’t have to. I’m so glad and I’m proud of her. I was going to take a picture of her umbilical cord and post it but I didn’t because it’s a little gross and it kind of looks like dried squid. It didn’t look nice so I’m not going to post it. Now we just have to dry it out so we can preserve it.”

Park Joon Hyung tied the knot with his non-celebrity wife on June 13, 2016 and they welcomed their first child together on May 10.

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