Roy Kim Is Grateful To Idol Groups Like EXO And BTS For Bringing K-Pop To All Corners Of The World

To celebrate the release of his first mini album, Roy Kim held a showcase on May 16. During the event, he performed a live rendition of his new title track, “Suddenly,” (literal title) and played the music video of his pre-release track, “Egoist.”

The singer was asked how he feels about pursuing music that differs from mainstream K-pop that is popular overseas. Roy Kim said, “Even when I was in school, some of my friends knew quite a lot of K-pop dance crews and idol groups. I think getting to know these groups, like BTS and EXO, helps people [outside of Korea] learn more about music like mine. I believe that it’s thanks to Hallyu singers that people know who I am.”

He added, “I’m grateful to idol groups because they’re able to do things that I can’t. Recently, I went to Bali, Indonesia for a photo shoot. I didn’t say in advance that I was going, but I was greeted by fans when I reached the Bali airport.”

Roy Kim made a keen observation as he concluded with, “Although I think K-pop’s popularity is decreasing overall, there will continue to be hard core fans. Just like how there are hard core fans of comic books and animation movies, I believe there will continue to be hard core fans of K-pop.”

Roy Kim will be releasing his mini album “Blooming Season,” (literal title) on May 16 and is also planning a nationwide tour.

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