20 Korean Words And Phrases That Every K-Drama Fan Should Know

If you’re an avid K-drama watcher (or K-popper), you have most likely picked up on a lot of Korean words and lingo, and can maybe even carry a conversation or two. The best part about K-dramas is that there are a lot of words that are repetitive, especially when dealing with the theme of love.

Here are just 20 Korean phrases and words that any K-drama fan should know! Sooner or later, you might not even need any subtitles. Wouldn’t that be grand?!

1. Unni/Oppa/Noona/Hyung

Unni / 언니: what a female calls an older female
Oppa /오빠: what a female calls an older male
Noona / 누나: what a male calls an older female
Hyung / 형: what a male calls an older male

You may or may not be blood-related to address someone using these terms. These words are often used to show closeness and are also considered endearing.

2. Ga-ji-ma 

Ga-ji-ma / 가지마: don’t go

3. Sa-rang-hae

Sa-rang-hae / 사랑해: I love you

4. Yak-sohk-hae

Yak-sohk-hae / 약속해: Promise me

5. Jo-ah-hae

Jo-ah-hae / 좋아해: I like you

The confession that makes your heart ache.

6. Bae-go-pah?

Bae-go-pah? / 배고파? : Are you hungry?

7. Heng-bok-hae

Heng-bok-hae / 행복해: I’m happy

8. Bo-go-ship-puh

Bo-go-ship-puh / 보고싶어 : I miss you

9. Jal-ja

Jal-ja / 잘자 : Sleep well

10. Geok-jeong-ha-ji-ma

Geok-jung-ha-ji-ma / 걱정하지마 : Don’t worry

11. Gwen-cha-na?

Gwen-cha-na? / 괜찮아? : Are you ok?

12. Nam-ja-chin-goo / Yeo-jah-chin-goo

Nam-ja-chin-goo / 남자친구 : boyfriend
Yu-jah-chin-goo / 여자친구 : girlfriend

13. Wae-geu-rae?

Wae-geu-rae? / 왜그래 : What’s wrong?

14. Sunbae/Hoobae

Sunbae / 선배 : a respectful term used to call someone who was working at a work establishment, or attending an educational institute before you — can also be addressed as “senior.”
Hoobae / 후배 : a term used to call someone who started working at your company or going to your school after you — can also be called “junior.”

15. Kyul-hon-hae-jo

Kyul-hon-hae-jo / 결혼해줘 : will you marry me?

16. Sam-gak-kwan-gae

Sam-gak-kwan-gae / 삼각관계 : love triangle

17. Jjak-sa-rang

Jjak-sa-rang / 짝사랑 : crush or one-sided love

18. Mi-ahn-hae

Mi-ahn-hae / 미안해 : I’m sorry

19. Hae-uh-ji-ja

Hae-uh-ji-ja / 헤어지자 : let’s break up

20. Jae-bal

Jae-bal / 제발 : please (desperate, not polite)

Hey Soompiers, which of these words did you know already? Let me know in the comments below!

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