TWICE’s Chaeyoung Explains Why She Cut Her Hair Short And Who Inspired Her

TWICE’s Chaeyoung surprised everyone earlier this year when showcased a brand new hairstyle, and she has finally revealed why she decided to shake things up.

Chaeyoung appeared alongside the other members of TWICE on MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” on May 17, and was asked by Jung Hyung Don, “Can you tell us why you decided to cut your hair so short?”

The idol replied, “I’m the kind of person who immediately puts thoughts into actions once I set my mind on something. I cut my hair because I saw Kristen Stewart’s short hairstyle and fell in love with it.”

She added, “I did it without telling anyone at our agency [JYP Entertainment], and Park Jin Young was so surprised when he saw me. He told me to at least let them know before I cut my hair next time.”

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