AOA's Choa Apologizes After Dating Rumors Affect Others

AOA member Choa has taken to Instagram to apologize after recent dating rumors.

Choa recently has been taking a break from her activities as a member of AOA, which initially sparked concern among fans over whether she may be planning to leave the group. FNC Entertainment clarified earlier this month that her break is not due to any issues between her and her fellow members, and Choa posted on her personal Instagram account on May 16 to reassure fans.

The next day, it was reported that Choa was allegedly dating Lee Suk Jin, the CEO of an electronics company, however FNC Entertainment has denied that they are in a relationship. Matters were made worse as original reports named Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as the alleged pair’s matchmaker, which led him to express his frustrations on Instagam.

Less than a day after the reports surfaced, Choa posted an apology on Instagram. “I’ve always thought that I receive more love than I deserve from so many people,” she wrote. “Even if people are pointing their fingers at me about something that is not true, I think of it as them showing interest in me, and am prepared to bow my head in thanks.”

“I am so sorry to those unrelated people that have been harmed,” she continued. “If articles about me have caused concern, I apologize.”

Choa went on to promise that she will reflect on herself, and finished her post by writing, “Please do not bother unrelated people anymore by connecting them to me, just because of my break.”

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