Watch: gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Reveals Why IU And Taeyeon Are Her Role Models

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong revealed who she looks up to and why.

On the May 17 broadcast of “Get It Beauty,” gugudan’s Kim Sejeong was asked who her role models are. She replied, “IU and Taeyeon. They are both such amazing solo artists. Especially in the case of IU, she is so great at everything from acting, composing, writing lyrics, to singing and dancing. I’d like to be like her.”

Honey Lee then asked, “Is there a song from either of those artists that you can sing for us?”

At that, Kim Sejeong chose to sing a bit of IU’s “Friday.” She sounded as beautiful as ever, prompting Honey Lee to comment, “You’re amazing too. I think in around five years, you will be an artist that will follow in the footsteps of [Taeyeon and IU].”

Check out her short and sweet cover below!