Update: iKON Releases Poster For Second Title Track Of Their New Album

Updated May 19 KST:

YG Entertainment has surprised everyone with a new teaser poster for the second of their double title tracks.

The teaser poster shows that the new track will be titled “B-DAY.” B.I and Bobby will be writing the lyrics for this track as well, and B.I. will also have a hand in composing the track as well.

Original Article:

Following iKON’s dope teaser video, YG Entertainment has dropped a new teaser poster for their upcoming comeback.

The teaser poster reveals one of their title tracks as “Bling Bling.” The lyrics are written by B.I, Bobby, and rookie YG composer Millennium. Furthermore, it is composed by B.I and Millennium. Lastly, the song is arranged by Millennium.

iKON is making a comeback in approximately a year with their new album series “New Kids.” The group is planning on making a new start with a new style. Their new tracks will be released on May 22 at 6 p.m. KST. As for their album, “New Kids: Begin” will be available in two versions titled “Dope” and Bold.” The physical albums will be available starting May 23.

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