“Man To Man” Gives Viewers A First Look At Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min’s Cameo Appearances

On May 18, JTBC released new stills featuring actors Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min, who were both confirmed to be making cameo appearances in the network’s drama “Man to Man.”

In the stills, viewers can see Song Joong Ki dressed neatly as a bank employee. The actor will be meeting Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong for his scene, which will be part of the upcoming ninth episode. Namgoong Min will be playing the hilarious role of a bombastic top star named Nam Gyu Min and can be seen laughing at Park Hae Jin’s character in a condescending manner. His cameo appearance will be part of the upcoming tenth episode of the drama.

The production staff of “Man to Man” praised the two actors and said, “Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min readily accepted our requests for them to make cameo appearances and became strong supporting characters [in the drama]. Please look forward to the two actors’ transformations through their skillful performances.”

The two actors agreed to make cameo appearances in the drama due to having worked closely with “Man to Man” writer Kim Eun Sook and PD Lee Chung Min in the past.

Meanwhile, “Man to Man” revealed why they can’t air blooper cuts of the drama and Park Hae Jin explained why kissing co-star Kim Min Jung for the drama is not romantic at all. “Man to Man” airs every Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. KST.

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