Park Seo Joon Shares What’s More Important To Him Than Viewership Ratings

Park Seo Joon talked about his determination for upcoming drama “Fight My Way.”

During the drama’s press conference held on May 18, Park Seo Joon expressed, “It would be great if the drama does well, but it’s more important to me whether we happily wrap up filming in the end.”

“The result is not something I can accurately predict. It’s better if the results are good, but the opportunity to participate in a good production is a blessing in itself,” he continued.

The actor also shared about a difficulty of playing a mixed martial arts fighter in the drama. “I need to maintain a good physique for my character but I think it’ll be difficult. It will be a battle against myself but I will try my best to win it,” he added.

“Fight My Way” will air its first episode on May 22.Watch

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