Kim Ji Won Says Viewers Can Look Forward To Park Seo Joon’s Toned Body In “Fight My Way”

Kim Ji Won raised anticipation for upcoming drama “Fight My Way” by commenting on her co-star Park Seo Joon’s toned body.

During the drama’s press conference, Park Seo Joon revealed that there will be multiple scenes of skin exposure. He expressed that he worked really hard to build up his body for his character in the drama.

Upon hearing Park Seo Joon’s statement, Kim Ji Won hilariously gave a thumbs up, suggesting that he indeed had an impressive body. “I unknowingly just gave him a thumbs up,” she shyly admitted.

She then added, “He worked out a lot so you can look forward to seeing his body.”

“Fight My Way” will air every Monday and Tuesday starting May 22. Watch

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