IU Describes How “Palette” Is Like Her Personal Journal

Singer IU talked about her new album “Palette” in detail and the love she has for her fans in the music talk show “Picnic Live” (literal title).

During the May 18 broadcast of the show, the singer introduced her new album “Palette” as “[the] diary of my 25-year-old self,” and added, “I write in my diary when I feel worried and to leave a piece of my life behind. It’s a habit I’ve had since my trainee days.”

Then she said, “But I’ve been writing less frequently beginning last year. I started thinking positively, which is why my worries have lessened.”

IU also revealed that nowdays she only writes when something very noteworthy happens, like how recently she amusingly “wrote ‘It ended,’ after [her] music show recording ended.”

The singer explained that the songs “Knee,” “Palette,” “Glasses,” and more were inspired by things she had written in her diary.

Later, IU went on to talk about her fans. She noted that the crowd of fans that she could once individual count has now grown into a countless amount. It got her thinking, “From where are they supporting me…” and noticed that her fame has spread internationally. She added, “I’m always thinking about how to please more people.”

About criticisms she receives, she said, “I can’t please everyone, but that kind of worry is actually good. The fact that I have something to think about makes me happy.”

Lastly, the artist said, “I’ve come to accept myself these days. I think I can say that I am happy now. I am satisfied with the way I am.”

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