Update: KNK Reveals Preview Of New Single Album “Gravity” Through Highlight Medley

Updated May 23 KST: 

KNK has now released a highlight medley for “Gravity”! Take a listen below.

You can also watch their recently released “Sun, Moon, Star” MV teaser here.


On May 19 KST, KNK revealed the official track list for their upcoming single album “Gravity!”

The album features four songs including an instrumental and their title track will be titled “Sun, Moon, Star” as hinted at in their multiple concept photos. All the songs were composed, written, and arranged by Kim Tae Joo.

However, for each song each member has chosen a five-word phrase for each song. For “Think About You,” Seungjun wrote, “As pretty as a star,” Youjin wrote, “When I think of you,” Jihun wrote, “What are you thinking about?,” Inseong wrote, “You are so cute-cute,” and Heejun wrote, “My heart is beating fast.”

For “Love You,” Seungjun wrote, “As bright as the sun,” Youjin wrote, “When I first saw you,” Jihun wrote, “I love ya, luv ya,”Inseong wrote, “Shall we have some fun?,” and Heejun wrote, “I feel tingly all over.”

For “Sun, Moon, Star,” Seungjun wrote, “As soft as the moon,” Youjin wrote, “When I look for you,” Jihun wrote, “Weeks and months go by,”Inseong wrote, “You’re like a Tinker Bell,” and Heejun wrote, “You’re fading far from me.”

These words could be spoilers of actual lyrics or the members’ own descriptions of the song.

“Gravity” will be released on May 25 at 12 p.m. KST.

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