14 Reasons We’re Swooning For Ji Chang Wook

If you clicked on this feature, you’re probably like me and have fallen for Ji Chang Wook. Maybe you fell in love with him many years ago when he was still a rookie actor, maybe you started admiring him after watching his hit drama “Healer,” or maybe you’re just curious about who the good-looking guy in the thumbnail is. Well, I can tell you that there are a million reasons why Ji Chang Wook has become one of the most popular and swoon-worthy actors right now in the K-drama world. Here are just 14 of those many reasons.

1. He does the most amazing action scenes.

He even did his own stunts for the drama, “The K2“!

2. He has sizzling chemistry with all of his female co-stars!

3. His adorable dance moves.

Absolutely no shame.

4. He rides motorcycles and looks hella good in leather jackets.

5. He made a guest appearance on “We Got Married” for his good friend, Choi Tae Joon.

6. He can sing. Really well.

Are you melting?

7. He has an infectious laugh that is guaranteed to make you smile.

8. His amazing acting skills.

Look at those tears. He’s a natural.

9. The adorable photos he takes with his mom.

Are you in love yet?

10. The one-liners he delivers that make our hearts skip a beat.

11. His smoldering gaze.

I bet you watched this clip at least twice.

12. He has a dog named “Ggoma” who he LOVES.

What is it about a man who loves animals.

13. He can pull off casual AND dressy.

You know what they say — Get a man who can do both!

14. And last, but not least, these GIFs from “The K2.”

And there you have it.

Watch ‘The K2″ here:

Ji Chang Wook’s newest drama “Suspicious Partner” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!

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