KNK Plans To Pay Homage To Highlight In The Title Track Of Their Upcoming Comeback

KNK is gearing up for their comeback and have revealed that the choreography of their title track will include an homage to fellow idol group Highlight.

Following the release of their track list, KNK has released more information about “Sun, Moon, Star,” the title track of their new single album. The track will be produced by composer Kim Tae Joo, who has been working with the group since their first mini album. The lyrics will delicately compare the empty and longing feelings after a breakup to the sun, moon, and stars.

What’s exciting is that KNK’s leader Kim Ji Hoon has taken on the challenge of creating the choreography for the title track, which will pay homage to “Ribbon” by Highlight, a group he has always looked up to. Kim Ji Hoon is said to have worked on the dance for about a month, and he is hoping to elevate KNK’s performance with a fresh and unique style.

Are you excited to see what KNK has in store of us?

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