Urban Zakapa Shares Thoughts On Chart Rankings And Plans For Music Show Promotions

On May 19, Urban Zakapa held the showcase for their comeback single “Alone.”

When asked about their thoughts ahead of the release, Jo Hyun Ah responded, “I am nervous because it has been a while since our last album, but I won’t think too much about chart rankings. I will calmly wait.”

In response, Kwon Soon Il honestly revealed, “But it still lingers in my mind. After the song is released, I will suffer for a bit as I wait anxiously for people’s reactions.”

The trio also shared their plans to promote on music shows with the new track. Jo Hyun Ah commented, “We made the decision in order to lower the age of people who listen to our music. We have been preparing by practicing our live performances.”

Written by Jo Hyun Ah, “Alone” is a mellow track that connects with the emotions of being lonely. Watch the music video here!

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