IU Has Witty Response To Close Friend Im Seulong’s Call For Someone To Nag At Him

On May 19, Im Seulong posted a photo to his Instagram page that said, “Just doing nothing alone #Looking for someone to nag at me #Calling for IU to appear.” According to the accompanying caption, he had been given the photo by Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah, who has just kicked off promotional activities for the group’s latest song “Alone.”

Hearing his call for someone to motivate him, IU came to the rescue with a few choice words for her close friend. He said, “Get home early, stay away from alcohol, stop acting like a ten-year-old kid, okay? Even when I try to glare and scare you, huh? I’m just gonna..”

What fans may have already caught on to is that IU’s words of wisdom are actually lyrics from IU and Im Seulong’s popular duet, “Nagging.” Im Seulong caught on and replied back with more lyrics as he said, “Wow, all I can do is laugh. Look who’s talking!! I’m just gonna, just wait till I…!”

The two singers have been close friends since they worked on the 2010 song together. IU even surprised Im Seulong with a cake for his birthday on May 10. A photo was shared with the caption, “I was going to have quiet birthday, but you surprised me with a cake and gifts. You’re the best.”

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