Song Joong Ki Shows Loyalty To “Descendants Of The Sun” Makeup Artist And Attends Her Wedding

It’s been over a year since “Descendants of the Sun” ended, but Song Joong Ki is still looking out for the staff.

On May 20, Song Joong Ki attended the wedding of a makeup artist he got to know while working on the popular drama. Even after the drama ended, the two kept in contact and became friends.

The actor wore a blue striped shirt and black pants, and quietly sat at the back of the wedding venue, cheering the new bride on. Song Joong Ki is said to have watched over the entire ceremony with a smile on his face without caring whether people recognized him or not.

Song Joong Ki’s appearance is noteworthy considering how busy he is as one of the most popular actors both in and outside of Korea. Considering how packed his schedule is, it would not have been easy for Song Joong Ki to take a day off.

The actor is already well-known in the industry for being a loyal person, and this is another story that proves it.

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