Main Cast Of tvN’s “Circle” Spends Quality Time With Fans At Special Preview Screening Of First Episode

tvN’s “Circle” held a special preview screening on May 19 to give people the opportunity to spend time with the cast and get a sneak peek of the drama. The event was attended by the main cast of Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Kang Woo, Gong Seung Yeon, and An Woo Yeon, as well as director Min Jin Gi. Lee Gi Kwang was unable to be there due to a prior engagement.

Anticipation for “Circle” is already high as it will be tvN’s first sci-fi thriller drama, and this was evident as approximately 5500 people signed up for the event that only had 250 seats available. Before the screening of the first episode, the actors expressed their gratitude, answered questions, and even hugged and took selfies with attendees.

When asked what he looks for in his ideal girlfriend, Yeo Jin Goo said, “I like someone who has a lot of aegyo and who enjoys eating.” Kim Kang Woo was asked how different the filming for “Circle” was compared to other dramas and he answered, “Lee Gi Kwang and I are having fun filming this drama together, almost like we’re on a date. Our bromance will be something to enjoy.”

The actors also showed their affection and pride for the upcoming drama as they picked out what viewers should be on the lookout for while watching the show. Yeo Jin Goo chose the acting and direction as he added, “So many staff members are working hard to create a drama that is as beautiful and high-quality as a movie.” Kim Kang Woo said, “This will be a double track drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat,” while Gong Seung Yeon stated, “You’ll enjoy the drama even more if you watch the two parts and look for clues. If you do that, you’ll find puzzle pieces that, when put together, will help you uncover the whole story.” An Woo Yeon said, “It’s a drama that features a lot of beautiful actors, so it’ll be a sight to see. While you’re watching the show, remember all the clues of each event.”

When the first episode began playing, the audience stayed silent as they focused on the story. Applause and cheers broke out when the hour was over, and the actors expressed satisfaction at the final product. As the two parts (‘Part 1: Beta Project’ and ‘Part 2: An Amazing New World’) of the drama are filmed separately, each part’s actors were seeing the finalized version of the other part for the first time as well. They didn’t hold back their praise for each other with Kim Kang Woo saying, “The emotions and dramatic elements of ‘Part 1’ were so great. I was really into the story.” Yeo Jin Goo said, “The worldview of ‘Part 2’ is exciting,” while Gong Seung Yeon added, “Kim Kang Woo was so cool, I found myself lost in his acting.”

The first episode of “Circle” will air on May 22 at 11 p.m. KST.

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