Rookie Actress Chae Soo Bin Opens Up About Her Acting Career And Ambition

Rising actress Chae Soo Bin revealed her experience as an actress so far and opened up about her ambition in acting.

During a recent interview, Chae Soo Bin described what it was like starring in two consecutive historical dramas, “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” and “Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People.” “The difference between the two dramas was that one was hot because it was shot in the summer, and the other was cold because it was shot in the winter,” she joked.

She continued, “The fun part about historical dramas is that you get to experience that era indirectly. But because I don’t have that experience, my dialect and behavior could have come across as being unnatural. That dilemma wasn’t a big issue for me this time. I tried to focus more on conveying my emotions.”

Despite having a relatively short career of four years, Chae Soo Bin is up to a prolific start, already starring in six dramas. “I can’t believe I already finished six productions,” she exclaimed. “I’m very ambitious. I like to take chance of a good opportunity while I can.”

Chae Soo Bin also admitted that she acknowledges her weaknesses, but feels proud of herself for improving with each drama. “You don’t realize how far you’ve come when you’re climbing up a hill, but it suddenly dawns on you later.” She thanked the viewers for watching “Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People” and for complimenting her performance.

Finally, she revealed, “I didn’t decide to become an actress from the start, but it became my profession naturally. And now I’m determined to pursue it.” She then promised, “I hope to meet you more often through other productions. I will try my best to become a vibrant actress!”

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