WINNER's Kim Jin Woo Gives Into Hunger And Fails Others On

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo surprised viewers by giving into hunger and devouring kimchi stew in the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge.”

On May 20, singer Crush, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo, comedians Moon Se Yoon and Yoo Byung Jae, and actor Bae Jung Nam gathered as guests for the “Future Entertainment Research Institute” special of “Infinite Challenge.”

The guests were confined in a studio without an explanation and were expected to participate in various entertaining experiments. In the first experiment, named “Mukbang VS Hunger,” the starved members were shown mukbangs (eating broadcasts) and were challenged to endure hunger for thirty minutes in front of a small portion of food.

The rule stated that if any one of the members took a bite from the dish, none of them would be able to eat later on. So the members patiently swallowed down their hunger. However, in the first round, Park Myung Soo failed the others by secretly eating a pickled radish.

In the next round, a mukbang video of kimchi stew was shown and a dish was presented to the members. Each member took a sniff of the kimchi stew while holding back their hunger. At that moment, Park Myung Soo whispered, “Just eat it,” and Kim Jin Woo abruptly shoved the kimchi stew in his mouth.

The scene quickly turned into chaos as no one predicted Kim Jin Woo’s sudden interception. Everyone rushed to take a bite from the kimchi stew, while Kim Jin Woo gave a proud thumbs up as the winner of kimchi stew.

In the last round, members were shown another mukbang and given a bowl of ramyun. The members kept an eye on each other, but once again the dish was snatched, this time by Bae Jung Nam.

Check out the whole episode below for a good laugh!


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