Yang Hyun Suk’s Father Passes Away

Yang Hyun Suk’s father, Yang Jae Hoon, passed away on May 20 due to old age.

YG Entertainment released a statement on May 21 which said that Yang Hyun Suk and his brothers were by their father’s side and said their goodbyes when he passed.

Following the unfortunate event, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a photo of text on his Instagram account that read, “I experienced the most painful goodbye of my life. They say you come and leave this world with empty hands. My father came into this world with empty hands but he made so many sacrifices and gave so much during his lifetime. To me, my father was a special angel that this world has given me. I hope you rest in peace, my father.” Previously, Yang had talked about how much he respects and loves his father in multiple interviews.

YG Entertainment revealed that the funeral will be taking place for the next three days, and they would be refusing all condolence money.

We offer our sincerest condolences to Yang Hyun Suk’s family.

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