Actor Kim Sung Oh Reveals Park Seo Joon Likes Getting Hit

The cast of upcoming drama “Fight My Way” appeared as guests on the May 20 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” where Kim Sung Oh made Park Seo Joon a bit flustered with his statement.

When asked about his chemistry with Kim Ji Won, Park Seo Joon explained that the two were awkward in the beginning but eventually got close through their many fighting scenes.

“[Kim Ji Won] had a difficult time hitting me, so I told her to just strike me and she actually did,” he said while laughing.

His co-star Kim Sung Oh then revealed, “Actors usually don’t like getting hit but Park Seo Joon likes it. Even when our scenes didn’t require any hitting, he kept asking me if he should be getting smacked.”

Park Seo Joon then explained that getting hit would prevent his scenes from getting edited out of the drama.

“Fight My Way” will air every Monday and Tuesday starting May 22. Watch

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