INFINITE Members Look Back On Their Student Days

The members of INFINITE appeared as guests on the May 20 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” where they shared what they were like in school.

The MC started out asking Woohyun, “You were a really good student, right?” to which Woohyun replied, “Huh?” with his fellow members disagreeing in the background.

It was then revealed that Woohyun had been vice president of his elementary school for a year.

When asked what pledge he had made to his fellow students before getting elected, Woohyun answered that he had promised to pick up all the trash in school. “I kept my promise for a week and then it got tiring,” he admitted.

Next up was Hoya, who had to discontinue his studies in order to pursue his dreams. When asked whether he had ever regretted it, he denied, saying, “If I hadn’t dropped out of school, I wouldn’t have been able to become a singer.”

Sunggyu was then revealed to have been very popular in school because he had been part of a band called Beat.

You can watch the full clip below!