Cast Members Of “Youn’s Kitchen” Come Up With Potential Concepts For Second Season

tvN’s much-loved variety show “Youn’s Kitchen” sadly came to an end on May 19.

During the final episode, cast members Shin Goo, Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seo Jin, and Jung Yoo Mi gathered to reflect on their time together.

Lee Seo Jin expressed, “I really wanted to put LA galbi (Korean BBQ short ribs) on the menu.”

“LA galbi is really easy to make. We can’t stay in Korea like this. Let’s leave [to another country], Lee Seo Jin,” Yoon Yeo Jung responded, hinting at her desire for another season.

Jung Yoo Mi then suggested Chapagetti (instant black bean noodles) for their next menu. “Would you guys really do another season?” asked Yoon Yeo Jung.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t appear on variety shows ever again?” questioned Lee Seo Jin, referring to Yoon Yeo Jung’s previous statement. “It’s okay to change your mind,” he added, suggesting that it’s good to play hard to get with viewers.

Much to everyone’s delight, Yoon Yeo Jung then announced that she has indeed changed her mind.

Would you like to see another season of “Youn’s Kitchen”?

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