Actress Chae Soo Bin Shares How She Deals With Stress And Hateful Comments

Rookie actress Chae Soo Bin sat down for an interview and opened up about negative comments.

“I get upset when I read malicious comments. When people call me ugly and say I have a wide forehead, it’s okay because I can’t fix these things. However, I get hurt when they leave negative comments about my acting. I thought I would be able to handle malicious comments since I tend to forget easily, but it turns out they actually do have an effect on me,” she shared.

“There are people who give me good advice but there are also people who leave hateful comments for no reason. I don’t think I need to care about them,” she expressed.

The actress then revealed that she relieved stress by hanging out with friends and joking around with them. She added that she enjoyed looking for new hobbies like knitting and painting.

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