Watch: KNK Reveals Dreamy Aesthetics And Powerful Vocals In MV Teaser For “Sun, Moon, Star”

On May 22 KST, KNK finally dropped a taste of the music video for their title track after several concept teasers and a track list.

The track is titled “Sun, Moon, Star” and the group has previously stated that they will be paying homage to Highlight (formerly known as BEAST) in the song. The producer for the track is Kim Tae Joo, who works with Highlight’s Yong Junhyung as part of producing team Good Life.

The video channels a dreamy, whimsical aesthetic as member Youjin ad-libs some impressive high notes on top of the chorus.

KNK will make their return with album “Gravity” on May 25 at noon KST.

Check out the MV teaser below!