iKON Releases Teaser Images For Comeback And Surprises Fans With New Stage Names

iKON has made some unexpected changes for their comeback!

The seven-member YG Entertainment group is currently gearing up to make a much-anticipated return with their single album “New Kids: Begin,” which features the tracks “Bling Bling” and “B-Day.”

“New Kids: Begin” is the first in iKON’s new series of releases, and is due out on May 22 at 6 p.m. KST, along with music videos for both of the single’s tracks. They released an official track list as well as teaser photos for each member on May 21.

The photos and track list aren’t the only new things that YG Entertainment has just released for the guys, as the agency posted the new teasers with unfamiliar stage names for some of the members. The change is said to be part of the group’s “New Kids” concept, which signifies a “new beginning” and a “new style” for iKON.

Three members will be promoting with their previously used stage names: Bobby, B.I, and Ju-Ne. However, Jinhwan is now being called Jay, Chanwoo is simply Chan, Donghyuk will be called DK, and Yunhyeong is going by his family name Song.

The sudden change has been a big surprise for fans, and many have replied to YG Entertainment’s social media posts to express their shock.

What are your thoughts on iKON’s new stage names?

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