iKON Talks About How They Are Different From YG Groups WINNER And BIGBANG

iKON recently shared what makes them different from fellow YG Entertainment boy group WINNER and senior group BIGBANG.

During an interview about their new single album, “New Kids: Begin,” leader B.I stated, “Visually, WINNER is much taller than us. Also, WINNER looks more high class while we (iKON) are have a more carefree image.” Bobby then added, “We differ in the way a sedan differs from a sports car.”

Further comparing themselves with other YG groups, they explained, “BIGBANG gives off vibes of partying at a penthouse, while WINNER feels like they’re at a luxurious oceanside. As for us, we give the feeling of riding bikes and skateboards at a parking lot. We have a young and hungry mindset from the streets. There’s also seven of us, so it’s always bustling. We are raw youth itself, incomplete, like a soft-boiled egg. We do things that we can’t do if we don’t do it now.”

Meanwhile, iKON shocked many fans with their new image and new stage names for the upcoming single. The new single will feature two title tracks, “BLING BLING” and “B-DAY,” which will showcase their trademark energy, swag, and catchy rap verses.

Are you excited for their comeback?

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